A wet Easter Egg Hunt

The boys and I seem to have a conflict of interest these days. I want to go out for a walk but they want to stay in playing on their iPods. Now of course they get plenty of exercise at school, but I really need these walks. So I thought a great way to get them interested in a walk would be to go on an Easter Egg Hunt.

I found that all our local National Trust venues were organising Easter Egg Hunts, so we decided that we would go to one on Easter Sunday. Unfortunately the weather was not very favourable, so we kitted up in wellies and coats.

Easter Egg Hunt

The format was to find the Easter eggs, decipher the clues and also keep an eye out for fairy doors en-route before getting your chocolate treat at the end.

Easter Egg Hunt

Once outside, son1 decided that he did like a good mud squelch walk and has said he is willing to go mud squelching again in a couple of weeks. Result! However son2 remained glum throughout, even though he was the best at spotting fairy doors. He found 2 but I’m not sure how many we missed. He declared it the worst day of the holidays apart from the chocolate.

fairy doors

So please help me with some more ideas for fun kid-friendly walks?

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8 thoughts on “A wet Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Coombe Mill

    I feel your pain with ipods and getting boys out the house. Mine usually enjoy it when they are out but getting there can be a battle. Well done Son 1 on embracing the Easter Egg hunt, as for Son 2 what a bout exploring a local castle, having a camp in the garden, a day at the beach, one of the interactive science places or living museum? Or try walking while geocaching or mountain biking in the woods. I’m sure if you find something that appeals to him, going out will be much easier, and good for you all. Best of luck and do check out some of the other Country Kids posts for ideas too. We are raft racing on Country Kids next week, I hope you’ll pop back and see that one, it’s an easy one to try anywhere with a river too. Thank you for linking up with me.


  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Can’t beat a bit of fun in the mud
    Mught be messy but always enjoyable
    Looks like you had a great time



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