Cold Flood by R J Corgan

I have received a free e-copy of the book Cold Flood by R J Corgan to review.

Cold Flood by R J Corgan


Here is the book blurb.

For geologist Kea Wright, when a volcano erupts under an ice cap, it isn’t just a good time, it’s a living. Camped at the base of an icecap in southeast Iceland, Kea and her team are investigating landforms created by catastrophic floods. With only days left in the field season, bad weather on the way, and the volcano due to erupt at any time, the team is struck by a tragedy that threatens to shut down the entire project. As the team rushes to complete their work, the expedition continues to be plagued by setbacks, leading Kea to wonder if the initial tragedy was an accident after all. During her reluctant – and inept – attempts to investigate, Kea inadvertently stumbles upon a secret. One so valuable, someone is willing to kill to keep it hidden.

This book is set in Iceland and I’ve been meaning to try reading an Icelandic thriller for ages. In fact we have a shelf full of this genre at home, as my other half loves both reading and watching this type of mystery.

Dr Kea Wright is an American geologist working in Iceland alongside Marcus, they are both assistant professors, with 2 graduate students Julie and Tony. They are camping at Skaftafell National Park. She has been left in charge for the last 10 days of the season when Professor Carlyle left early. A new bunch of eco-tourist volunteers are arriving today. They are teams from 2 companies T3 and Corvis Engineering and they are also providing some specialist equipment like a laser probe.

The next day they head out onto Skeiðarárjökull glacier to do some research, but one of Kea’s team, Gary has a diabetic attack. Whilst keeping an extra eye on Gary, they fail to notice they are one person short until back at the jeeps. It is Bruce, one of the T3 team, who was at high school with Kea.

Kea and a small team head back on to the ice to search for Bruce, whilst Zoe sends a drone. But tragedy has already struck – Bruce is found floating face down in the water. Was it an accident, suicide or something worse? Kea tries to investigate herself, but what else may follow? Certainly plenty of twists and turns.

Good to study the maps at the beginning of the book to see whereabouts in Iceland, the story is set, a long way from Reykjavik. And I felt the author had really researched the Icelandic setting excellently. I enjoyed the storyline, but did struggle with some of the scientific terms, although did eventually discover a glossary at the back of the book.

Cold Flood is available on Amazon, currently priced at £12.92 in paperback or £5.22 in Kindle format. A thrilling story in an unusual setting.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of an e-book I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.



25 thoughts on “Cold Flood by R J Corgan

  1. sarahmo3w

    This sounds really good! I do like a book in a different sort of setting with an unfamiliar backdrop. Maps and glossaries are always very useful for those sorts of books!


  2. Susan Smith

    I plan to visit Iceland one day, its a dream of mine, will certainly be getting this book, thank you would never of known about it till now


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  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Sounds a great read
    Havent a clue about iceland – would need to study carefully – id be learning too



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