My review of Hobbycraft Halloween decorations

My children are very pleased as I have received some free Hobbycraft Halloween decorations to review.  I have been sent a large spider web, a pack of 2 giant window silhouettes and some small toy bats and flies.  We have had great fun decorating our playroom and the boys got into the theme by wearing their own Halloween costumes.

The window silhouettes are huge, much bigger than all our windows, and although the packaging says trim to fit, I thought it would be a shame to decapitate the cats, even though that may be in keeping with the Halloween theme.  So instead we have hung them over the glass doors that leads into the lounge.  It looks spookily eerie in the dark, so would be very effective on a front window, to be seen by “trick or treaters” from outside, if only we had a large plain window.  Our windows have divided window panes which I thought wouldn’t help the overall display, but actually is barely noticeable.

Two giant window silhouettes

Two giant window silhouettes

We have draped the spider web across a couple of bookcases in the corner of the room, but this could have been stretched much further, so you really could cover a lot with it.  And it comes with 4 plastic spiders included.  They easily adhere to the web and the boys enjoyed moving these around the web.

Playing in the spider's web

Playing in the spider’s web

Decorative Spider's web

Decorative Spider’s web

However my boys liked playing with the bats and flies best.  These are made of rubber but look very realistic. And son1 was really ghoulish, by pretending to eat the flies. The boys continued to involve the bats and flies in their subsequent playing. They did unfortunately succeed in pulling one leg off a fly by stretching it too far.

Hobbycraft have lots of other Halloween party decorations and craft kits and currently have a 3 for 2 promotion.

Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “My review of Hobbycraft Halloween decorations

  1. TuiSnider

    That looks like so much fun! Are you using any of these decorations again this year?

    aka @TuiSnider, popping by from #ArchiveDay on Twitter!



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