A Christmas branch

I love making natural Christmas decorations. so on a Winter woodland walk I grabbed myself a large dead branch from the ground. Ideal for the project I had in mind. Although note to self for future reference, try and do this near the end of the walk rather than the beginning. It was rather cumbersome to carry several miles especially through gates, and I did get it snagged on barbed wire a couple of times.

I had received some silver glitter spray paint free to review from Rust-oleum and this was what I was going to use to jazz up my branch.

Rust-oleum glitter spray paint

Luckily the weather was dry enough and not windy for me to be able to spray the branch outside, as I’m sure if I had attempted it inside, that I would have ended up with paint flecks on everything nearby. I removed the remaining leaves first.

A Christmas branch

I’ve never used spray paint before but I found it is very simple to use. No brushes needed. However I was anticipating it to give quite a deep silver colour. Instead I found it was almost translucent. Looks very nice still, but doesn’t show too well in the photos. Perhaps I should have given it an extra coat.

A Christmas branch

It dried to the touch very quickly and the instructions indicated that it would be hard dry in 24hrs, so I left it in the garage overnight. Then I stood my branch in a plant pot and filled it with small pebbles, to ensure the branch was stable. And finally I hung Christmas baubles on my branch.

A Christmas Branch

I was very pleased with the finished result and it was very quick and easy to do. Next project is to make a Christmas display with the pine cones that I painted last Easter.

The silver glitter spray paint comes in a 400ml aerosol can. It also comes in gold. It is available from Homebase, currently retailing at £9.49. Also available at B&Q and other stores. A nice product but don’t rely on it looking as bright as the image on the can.

So I’d love to hear what craft projects you are making for Christmas?

Family Fever

Disclosure. This post is a review of a product I was sent for free. All opinions are my own. 

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