Somewhere in the Shallow Sea by Dennis Macaraeg

I have received a free e-copy of the book “Somewhere in the Shallow Sea” by Dennis Macaraeg to review. This is his first novel. To find out more about the author you may visit his website.

Somewhere in the Shallow Sea

Here is the book blurb.

Danny Maglaya, a marine biologist from San Diego, finds out that a radical group in the southern Philippines has kidnapped his best friend Blake Mason while he was conducting research in the waters of Sulu Sea, he vows to do whatever it will take to get his best friend back.

He takes the first flight out of California and travels to Manila to bring his invention, the Rx-18 compound, to satisfy the kidnappers’ ransom. When he meets with his colleague for help locating the kidnappers, he is surprised to find his ex-girlfriend Helen Glass has traveled from the States with the ransom money. Because of the unresolved personal issues between them, the last thing Danny wanted was for her to be tagging along while he travels to the most dangerous part of the country.

As Danny and Helen are about to rendezvous with Kulog ng Timog, his old professor and nemesis Dr. Klein intercepts them, wanting the Rx-18 compound for himself. They race to deliver the compound to the kidnappers, for if the money and compound are not delivered on time, Blake may be beheaded like the hostages before him.

The country has more than 7,000 islands and Blake could be in either one of them. While Danny and Helen jump from one island to another searching for a way to save Blake, they slowly rekindle the love for each other that had been dormant in their hearts. But will it work this time? Will he get to Kulog ng Timog in time to deliver the compound before Dr. Klein gets to it first, meaning his friend’s demise?

The book begins with Danny hearing that his best friend Blake and fellow marine biologist has been kidnapped in the Philippines. The kidnappers are not only demanding a hefty $1m ransom but also the Rx-18 compound “The Cube” that Danny and Blake have been developing. Danny can’t understand why, as it is fish food.

However he flies to the Philippines with the compound to meet Professor Melchor Rodriguez who had been working with Blake, where he is surprised to find that his ex-girlfriend Helen (Blake’s cousin) has arrived with part of the ransom money. He is unable to persuade her to let him deliver the ransom, as it requires both her and Blake’s thumb-print scan to transfer the rest of the money.

But the rendezvous with the kidnappers goes wrong, when they are ambushed by a gang led by Dr Klein, Danny’s former mentor, who wants the Rx-18 compound himself. From then on, Danny and Helen are island-hopping in the race to locate the kidnappers and rescue Blake, but trying to keep one step ahead of Dr Klein who is chasing Danny for the compound.

Wow, a gripping storyline which kept me on the edge of my chair. A real page turner!

Somewhere in the Shallow Sea is available on Amazon, currently priced at £6.47 in paperback and is also available on Kindle. A brilliant read with both thriller and romance element. I loved it and highly recommend it. Looking forward to Dennis’s next novel.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of an e-book I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

14 thoughts on “Somewhere in the Shallow Sea by Dennis Macaraeg

  1. Vicki D

    I’m definitely going to be reading this book next. I’m a marine biologist so I thin this would be an interesting read


  2. A S,Edinburgh

    This sounds very exciting, and I love both the setting and the title, which is really beautiful and poetic. Thanks for the review!



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