Yummy scrummy summer salad bowls

I have received two salad bowls from Steve’s Leaves free to review, along with a voucher against a future purchase for a free bag of Steve’s Leaves. These salad bowls look just the ticket for hot summer weather, when I certainly don’t want the oven on.

Steve's Leaves Salad Bowls

The first one I tried was the Perfect Ploughman’s Salad. Once I peeled off the film lid, I found it was presented to keep everything tip-top ready for serving. So the rustic crackers were in a small packet to ensure they retained their crispy crunchiness whilst the mini gherkins and pickled onions were in a separate pot and the pickle dressing in another small packet. I opened everything up and combined it on a plate. I’m not a gherkin fan but everything else was delicious. According to the ingredients, the leaves in this salad are green batavia, crimson chard, red frilly mustard and mizuna.

Steve's Leaves Perfect Ploughman's Salad Bowl

The next day I tried the Terrific Thai Salad. Again inner packaging was used, so the coconut and dried mango pieces were in a small pot with some coriander on the top ready for sprinkling and the chilli dressing in another packet. Very tasty. I loved both salads but the Thai Salad was my favourite, as I preferred the combination of pea shoots, spinach and red chard in this one.

Steve's Leaves Terrific Thai Salad Bowl

These would be ideal to take to work for my lunch. Much healthier than a sandwich. They currently both retail at Waitrose for £2.39 for a 130g or 135g bowl. Great value in my opinion and I love how all the leaves are tiny baby ones, as of course those taste the best.

All of the salad leaves in the Steve’s Leaves range are grown outside in natural sunlight and only washed in spring water. Nature-friendly farming is at the heart of the Steve’s Leaves ethos, and 10 per cent of the land on Steve’s Leaves farms is dedicated to boosting nature and biodiversity. Steve’s Leaves is the only salad brand certified by Conservation Grade, which in practice means 10% of their land is dedicated to creating habitats for wildlife and boosting biodiversity.

I’d love to hear what is your favourite salad. Or take a look at Steve’s Leaves website for some tasty recipe suggestions.

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Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

27 thoughts on “Yummy scrummy summer salad bowls

  1. Megan Adams

    They look really nice!! Very reasonably priced too. Great to pack when heading out without going off track from the diet.


  2. Hazel Rea

    Great that the crackers etc. are kept separate until you are ready to eat. My favourite salad consists of red little gem with some rocket, spring onion, tomato, cucumber, cooked beetroot (not in vinegar!).


  3. Maya Russell

    I think these are great for work, cheaper and healthier than a sandwich. I like gherkins so that one would be the one for me.


  4. Kim Styles

    I am quite fussy about salad leaves- I dont like rocket, chard or no lettuce other than iceberg! so my leaves would have to be spinach, coriander leaves cress and mustard and iceberg lettuce only!! with that I would like blue cheese dressing and pine nuts!



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