The Christmas that didn’t go to plan

Well I always knew it was going to be a strange Christmas as I was working a 12hr shift on Christmas Day. But I hadn’t anticipated son1 getting poorly and going to hospital.

I had thought that the boys would both be awake before I left the house at 6:30am, but no all was still very quiet, even after waiting an extra 10 minutes as I knew the roads would be empty.

Christmas santa sacks

Earlier in the week we had discussed the possibility of my other half bringing the boys over to my workplace if it wasn’t too busy at work. But he told me on the phone that son1 was coughing and looking tired, so we decided it was best they stayed home. We did do some FaceTime, so I saw some of their excitement as they opened presents from their Santa sacks. Other present opening was to be saved until we were all together on Boxing Day morning.

Although we did have a few minutes before bedtime to open their presents from “Mummy and Daddy” – some photo magnets purchased from Picstick on the Black Friday, buy 1, get 3 free deal similar to the magnets I reviewed a few months ago plus a Match Attax album each. They had been wondering why Santa had ignored their request for Match Attax, so I explained that Santa’s magical powers meant he knew if someone else was buying them something from their lists.

photo magnets

Some of son1’s photo magnets

I had originally planned to delay cooking Christmas lunch until Boxing Day, but as we also had planned a trip to relatives later on Boxing Day and timing would be tight, we modified the plan. Instead my other half was going to be in charge of cooking our Christmas meal to serve after I returned from work on Christmas Day. He didn’t wish to spend most of the day in the kitchen, so he opted to buy everything preprepared from Cook. The boys don’t like roasts, so they would eat earlier.

We have occasionally purchased food from Cook before, but never a traditional Christmas meal. Part of the Christmas enjoyment for me usually is planning, preparing and serving a homemade Christmas lunch. I wasn’t very fond of the roast potatoes from Cook, but the rest of the meal was nice, although it did feel strange not to be cooking a proper Christmas lunch myself. With hindsight, it was probably a wise decision, as otherwise the food would still be lingering uncooked in the fridge now.

Christmas dinner

However by Boxing Day morning it was evident that son1’s cough was worse and his temperature was rising. So the plan was changed again. Instead of setting out later in the day for a long drive and an overnight stay, son1 and I stayed home whilst my other half and son2 left straight after breakfast to drive about a 6 hour round trip in a day.

But resting at home did not prevent son1’s temperature from breaching the 38 degree limit when he has to go to hospital, due to his increased vulnerability to infections whilst undergoing chemotherapy. So he and I headed off to the hospital late yesterday afternoon. He is now on IV antibiotics and his temperature is lower today after peaking in the night. As long as his temperature doesn’t spike again or the blood cultures show anything untoward, we should have him home again on Monday.

Meanwhile the Christmas presents are still waiting under the tree for all the family to be home together. Although one of the nurses kindly found that Santa had known son1 was coming in and had left him 2 presents there.

(No photography permitted on the ward).

14 thoughts on “The Christmas that didn’t go to plan

  1. The Intolerant Gourmand

    Oh no!!! So sorry to hear the brave boy is feeling so rotten, and over Christmas too! Such bad luck!
    Our little dude has been poorly too, and hit a temp of 39.4, usually his trigger for A&E admittance, but somehow we’ve avoided it and he’s improved!
    Keeping everything crossed you get to escape soon and have your long awaited family Christmas! xx



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