Gorgeous George and the Zigzag Zit-faced Zombies by Stuart Reid plus giveaway

Time to tell you about another of the Gorgeous George books by Stuart Reid. This time it is Gorgeous George and the Zigzag Zit-faced Zombies, a book that my usually reluctant reader, son1 chose to buy himself.

To find out more about the author you may visit his website.

Gorgeous George and the Zigzag Zit-faced Zombies by Stuart Reid

Here is the book blurb.

Sneezing, sniffing, snoring and snots! Zombies, zebras and zits!

A chemical experiment by the military has gone wrong and the toxins are now airborne. The pupils of Little Pumpington primary school are breathing in the gas and their behaviour is becoming bonkers.

Do you still pick your nose? Do you sit next to someone in school who still picks their nose? Do they eat it, even in secret, underneath their hand when they think no one else is watching? The Little Pumpington nose-pickers are taking over the school and their own bogies are not enough any more; they need to eat everybody else’s too.

These psychotic snot-zombies are on the rampage, feasting on the nostril contents of the entire town and the army will do nothing to prevent them.

Can Gorgeous George, Allison and Crayon Kenny find a cure before the military decide to blow up the school? With the help of Grandpa Jock, Ben and Barbara and a box full of the tissues, they must stop the snot-zombies biting their booger-crusted fingernails to the bone.

Parents will not be able to read this book. This book is for strong-stomached children only so no wimps need apply. This is the last taboo known to mankind and way beyond the comprehension of adults. The older you are, the yuckier this book will be. You have been warned!


Gorgeous George and the ZigZag Zit-face Zombies is another brilliant book in the Gorgeous George series

This is what son1 had to say about the book.
I liked this book. It was about a few kids who became bogie zombies and infected a whole school.

Short and to the point, but son1 told me that the book erases your memory of reading it. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, since it was last year when he read this book. And I decided to risk the warning on the back cover that parents will not be able to read this book. The author is correct, it does make disgusting reading for us adults, but just the sort of thing of thing that kids love and find really funny. It goes into the details of kids with green snot streaming down their faces, which they wipe with their sleeves or even worse, lick up. You get the picture. Definitely one to let the children enjoy on their own, rather than reading it out loud as a bedtime story, unless you’re into that sort of humour yourself.

A really silly storyline where almost everyone at the school including teachers becomes infected and turns into a bogie-eating zombie. The army puts an exclusion zone up around the school, but who is going to come up with a cure and save the day? Can anyone avoid infection?

Another disgustingly funny book from Stuart Reid. Great even for reluctant readers like my son. Each story always features something like poo, bottom burps or snot, which most children delight in reading about.

And Stuart is passionate about kids reading as we saw at his entertaining Boogers, Books and Big Bottom Burps show at the Edinburgh Fringe last summer. In between writing his books, he spends lots of his time visiting schools not just in the UK, but worldwide promoting his books and reading. He will be back at the Fringe next month, so if you are in Edinburgh, do pop along. His shows are fab.

Gorgeous George and the Zigzag Zit-faced Zombies is available on Amazon, currently priced at £6.99 in paperback.  There are now 7 Gorgeous George books in the series, targeted at children age 8+, with another title “Grandpa Jock and the Incredible Iron-Bru-Man Incident” due to be published in a few days time on July 8th. A big thumbs up from son1 for this book from best-selling children’s author Stuart Reid.

Gorgeous George and the Timewarp Trousers Trumpets by Stuart Reid

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Disclosure. This post is a review of a book we purchased, although we have received other titles by this author for free. All opinions are mine and my son’s own.

40 thoughts on “Gorgeous George and the Zigzag Zit-faced Zombies by Stuart Reid plus giveaway

  1. Susan B

    We haven’t read any but love the brilliant funny titles! Who wouldn’t want to read about a zit-faced zombie or a giant geriatric generator?! What a talent!


  2. shelllouiseblog

    I’d totally forgotten about Gorgeous George; we reviewed one of the books a few years ago and the children all really enjoyed it.


  3. sarahmo3w

    This sounds really good! My younger son read a couple of the Gorgeous George books when they first came out and really enjoyed them. He’s way too old for them now, but I do remember how entertaining they were and I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for funny books.



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