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Guest post: What Us Mums Would Love This Mother’s Day

What Us Mums Would Love This Mother’s Day

Now that Spring is finally just around the corner, of course it is time for Mother’s Day again. I used to struggle with my own mother’s gifts, never being sure if I had got the right thing. Now that I am a mum I realise its simple, just buy nice things!

Jokes aside, for me personally, I love seeing my kids develop and so spending time with them is my main priority (providing they behave!) So treating your mum to a great day out as a family could be all she wants. Often my other half will arrange to take me somewhere and together he and the kids cover the bill which I think is so sweet. Is there somewhere you have heard your mum mention she wants to go? A restaurant she has raved about going to? Or, you could even just take her to one of her favourite places together.

Of course, no celebration would be complete without gifts! Jewellery has always been a wonderful gift as it can be as expensive and personal as you like, but for mothers it should always be special. If your mum already has a lot of jewellery, jewellery boxes for women can now be as pretty as the jewellery itself and make for great gifts. If she travels a lot you can always look for a specific travelling jewellery box, or just go for a statement piece that she can show off on her dressing table.

wolf jewellery

Considering all the running around us mums end up doing, why not show your mum you appreciate it by getting her a relaxing massage or spa day? You can either choose a local beauty salon near you, or if your budget is big enough send her off for a luxurious overnight stay at a health farm. No mother could say no to that! You could even liaise with your mum’s close friends or relatives to go at the same time to make a big trip out of it, or go with her yourself if that’s your thing!

Any excuse to dress up nice is a good one, and getting a new outfit most definitely counts! For clothes, I would say vintage tea dresses look great on all types of figures so can be hard to get wrong. Very flattering and also perfect for Spring. If you are not sure on dress sizes or styles, then perhaps stick to accessories. With Spring comes new shopping collections so you can bag your mum the best new products around.

vintage tea dress

Tickets to your mum’s favourite band, show or event are a great way to get yourself in the good books. Not only does it show that you have thought about the present, but it also gives her a good night out! You can set up alerts on many ticket sites so that you get notified when bands of interest are on tour near you. This is a great way to get the perfect present all year round! If you want to try something new, Ticketmaster have some really great interest and even family an attractions sections to inspire you if you’re not sure which show or event to choose.

I hope this helps inspire your gift buying choices, but remember Mother’s Day is on Sunday 6th March this year, so don’t forget the card!

Mums, what is the favourite gift you have received for Mother’s Day?

Guest post by Will Chivers of ThoughtShift.

Shopping at Vertbaudet for a kids Mother’s Day Outfit

Becky of Baby Budgeting is hosting a competition for bloggers to create a blog post showing the perfect outfit for your little one to wear on Mother’s Day using Vertbaudet clothes.

I decided to go window shopping for an outfit for my elder son. He is quite fussy about what he will and won’t wear. In particular he hates jeans and any fastenings except zips on his clothing. Fortunately he has given up complaining about buttons on school shirts and I did manage to source elasticated waist school trousers.

So I’ve chosen him a pair of tracksuit trousers, which can be rolled up to shorts length. Plus a reversible top and a reversible hoodie. It makes me feel like I’ve got 6 items for the prize of 3. And finally I’ve selected a pair of trainers. I think I’ve got this outfit spot on, so I expect a happy smiling boy when we go out to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Vertbaudet - Kids Mother's Day Outfit

Boy’s Poplin Tracksuit Trousers
£12 – vertbaudet.co.uk

GEOX Boy’s Trainers
£55 – vertbaudet.co.uk

Boy’s 100% Expert Reversible Cardigan
£29 – vertbaudet.co.uk

Boy’s Reversible Top
£12 – vertbaudet.co.uk

Flying Twigs review and giveaway

I received two free greeting cards from Flying Twigs to review – a Mother’s Day card and a card for general use. They were sent in a board-backed envelope so arrived in excellent condition, and the Flying Twigs website indicates that they always despatch cards this way. Flying Twigs is an online store which sells greeting cards and posters. Their cards all have the Forest Stewardship Council logo on the back to indicate that the paper they use comes from responsible sources to aid conservation.

Flying Twigs Greetings Cards

Both cards are of very good quality in individual cellophane wrappers.  The accompanying envelopes are also of good quality with decent gum that seals well. I hate it when envelopes don’t seal properly and you end up having to resort to sticky tape.

They are both blank inside which is what I personally prefer and the Flying Twigs website says that most of their greeting cards are blank inside. Information regarding wording or whether a card is blank inside is provided on each product page on the website.

It is a plus point for me that most of their cards are blank inside as sometimes when searching the shelves for cards, you pick up ones with verses written inside which seem unsuitable for your intended recipient. You can end up spending ages searching the shelves for the right one. So I can see a potential time saving benefit of buying online from Flying Twigs.

The design on the Mother’s Day card is of a Trendy Mother. I would be very happy if my boys chose to send me a card like this.

The design on the other “Write for yourself” card is of a quill and inkwell with a quotation by Cyril Connolly. It features in both the Quotation range and the Inspiration range of cards.

They both retail at £3 each, which is a good price in my opinion for quality cards. Yes you can buy some cheaper cards on the High Street, but they will probably be of lower quality.

Postage and packing is 99p which is less than I would have to pay for carparking if I went to purchase a card on the High Street. And postage and packing is free when you buy 3 or more cards.

And I’m hosting a rafflecopter competition to giveaway a selection of five cards to two lucky winners courtesy of Flying Twigs. Each selection will include a Mother’s Day card.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you can’t see the Rafflecopter box above, either click the Rafflecopter link or you may alternatively enter via my Facebook page.

Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

This post has been updated on 30/03/2014 following the rebranding of Pelican Cards to Flying Twigs.

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